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Banana bird is a young and passionate design studio. Our focus is to create work that communicates the right way. Whether it's designing a visual identity, a corporate video or a new website.

This is who we are!

We feel pretty blessed that each day we’re able to do what we love most. That is to create, design and to communicate. And that’s exactly what we want to maintain in our studio – being a place with unconditional space for creativity, expression, reflection and having a good time. Besides having a good time, we want to carry out our vision through Banana bird.

We believe design makes us connect to the world outside, so it’s important that design communicates the right way. We strongly believe brand strategy & communication should be simplicity. It’s our job to simplify the complex reality. And make it stimulate. Stimulate the client from the top to the bottom. Stimulate creatives. Stimulate the clients customers. And scare the hell out of the competition.

This is what Banana bird wants to carry out. So if you share this with us, or want to see what Banana bird can do for you, please contact us

This is how we do it!


We start with gathering information.


We translate that information into a design.


We deliver products you can immediately use.

Made with Love

We do all this with passion for design and creation!

Let's Get In Touch!

Great that you found us! Pull up a chair, because we want to listen to your story. Give us a call, visit our studio or meet us on Skype. We'd be very happy to learn a little more about you.

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